Alumni Spotlight – Kathleen Hernandez

Kathleen Hernandez (LVN Student) has always been a people's person, so she knew the Licensed Vocational Nurse program at Summit College was the right program for her! I chose Summit…

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How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

Choosing a career in an allied health profession such as medical assisting is a wise choice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for medical assistants are expected to…

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Laurie McDonald-Albert – Clinical Coordinator

Laurie McDonald-Albert is a Clinical Coordinator at Summit College's Colton Campus. "Summit College is a great college because of the instructors, the administrators and everybody is concerned about the student.…

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Nursing Boards: What to Know

Like other governing bodies for a given occupation, nursing boards have standards and laws that help ensure consistency across the industry. These measures are aimed at meeting uniform standards of care both statewide and nationwide. The rules determined by the boards not only help keep patients safe, but they also help protect the nurses as well.

There are different nursing boards that establish standards for different kinds of nurses, from nurse practitioners to registered nurses and beyond. In the content that follows, you will learn the basics of how to fulfill the requirements mandated by state boards of nursing, including the licensure process and what specific laws you may have to abide by, depending on where you choose to work as an LVN. (more…)

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