Graduate Stories

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Business Information

I was working dead-end jobs. I realized that was not the way for me and that I needed to get certified in something and get my career started because wasting time working dead-end jobs was not getting me anywhere. I heard about Summit through a family friend at a Christmas party, and a year later I saw Summit College as I drove by and thought I should check it out. I came in and spoke to the admissions reps. They gave me a tour, and I saw how well the instructors worked with the students one-on-one. I thought, “I have to be here. This is the place for me.”


Licensed Vocational Nurse

I was a high school student. After graduating from high school, I wanted to do something that was fast and easy, so I could be on my way. I chose Summit College because it had a fast-paced LVN program that was easy to get through, Monday through Friday, no summers, straightforward.


Licensed Vocational Nurse

Prior to enrolling at Summit I was doing my pre-requisites for the RN program. I’m still on the waiting list for the program. So I’m glad I did the LVN program so I could do the bridge program and get in a lot faster. I heard about Summit College and saw TV commercials. I saw the building while driving, and I walked in. And when I came in here I felt so welcomed. I really felt at home. The person who helped me was very nice and gave me all the answers. She walked me through the process.