Alumni Spotlight: Michael Ibarra

The odds were stacked against Michael Ibarra in 2011. He was 17 and had dropped out of high school. Although his motive was admirable – to get a job and help his mom with the bills – his future looked dim.

“As soon as I turned 18, I started working warehouse,” Ibarra says. “I guess by that time I wasn’t even thinking about a diploma or GED. I was just in love with the fact that I could help my mom with the bills and still have leftover money to buy myself things.” At 18, what else would a guy want? “I didn’t think about my future and, honestly, it was because I doubted myself,” he admits. “I was my own worst enemy.”

Life as Ibarra knew it all changed five years later. (more…)

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Alumni Spotlight: Timothy John – Licensed Vocational Nursing

Licensed vocational nursingTimothy John graduated from Summit College in April 2015. He completed the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) program in just one year. “I wanted to do this program because I wanted to do something for the community and work with people. It’s not only about earning money, but about doing some sort of social work. I could contribute my efforts for service.” It is with this big-hearted realization that Timothy made a career change. (more…)

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Alumni Spotlight: Linda Hernandez

Linda Hernandez graduated from Summit College’s Medical Assistant program in March 2017. This was a big career change for her, and she originally thought she would transition to more of a medical billing and coding program. After doing further research, however, she came to the realization that one-on-one patient care would definitely make her happier. (more…)

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Alumni Spotlight: Gina Lyles

Nurse, NursingGina Lyles graduated from Summit College’s Licensed Vocational Nurse program in 2007. It is ten years later, yet she still enthusiastically recalls how impactful her experience there was. As Gina would say, “When Summit tells you lifetime placement, they mean it.” She was just there the other day to get assistance in obtaining a traveling nurse position. She received help updating her resume and enhancing her interviewing skills. Summit College truly cares about their students’ well-being, even years after graduation. (more…)

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