Because Allied Health is the *fastest growing industry, there are many benefits to pursuing a career in the field. Summit’s Allied Health training offers the following advantages:

Job Security:*The growth of allied health careers is much higher than the average for other occupations, and it is expected that 2.4 million new healthcare jobs will become available in the next decade. The promising prospect of a career in the healthcare field makes this the right time to start your education. With our training and short-term programs, you will begin your career sooner and take advantage of this booming industry.

Fulfilling Work: A healthcare career is demanding and vital work. Because you aspire to have a meaningful career where you can help people and contribute to your community, Summit’s programs will challenge and inspire you.

Hands-on Experience: Real-world experience is essential for a successful healthcare career. While some of the programs require externships, all of Summit’s Allied Health programs provide our students with hands-on and practical training. This applied instruction lays the foundation for life-long success as you climb toward your professional goals.


Discover new professional heights with Summit’s Allied Health programs. Careers in Allied Health are the fastest growing of any industry. *Expected to grow 18% from 2016-2026, healthcare occupations offer you an exciting and fulfilling future. We know there are no shortcuts to your allied health goals, but Summit will support you as you ascend to the pinnacle of your career.



Pursuing a career in Allied Health is honorable, and Summit understands that means you have a climb in front of you. To give you the boost you need, Summit offers flexible course schedules, experienced and caring faculty, and hands-on training.

At Summit, we know that your hard work is worth it and that your future in Allied Health is just around the corner. That’s why Summit makes it possible for you to complete your chosen program quickly and enter the healthcare field sooner. Your Summit education will prepare you for entry-level jobs, and it will establish your career advancement trajectory. Summit helps you elevate your career from start to finish.

San Bernardino/Colton

Jan 25Medical Assistant Start
Feb 1Electrical Start
Feb 8HVAC Start
Feb 22Welding Start

El Cajon

Jan 19Electrical Start
Jan 25Welding Start
Jan 25HVAC Start
Jan 25Medical Assistant Start

Santa Ana

Jan 25Welding Start
Jan 25HVAC Start
Feb 1Electrical Start