Campus Locations

All Summit College campuses are conveniently located in California, where the agreeable weather during the whole year creates a great environment for the college experience. Our three campuses, at El Cajon, Santa Ana and San Bernardino, offer a broad range of programs in the Allied Health, Trade and Technical and Business fields.

Over the last 20 years, the Colton Campus has grown from a 5,000-square-foot facility, housing 52 students, to a 75,000-square-foot facility able to house more than 1,000 students. Additionally, an extensive auxiliary building was added to house the Welding and HVAC programs.

In 2015, Summit College relocated its Anaheim branch campus to Santa Ana and opened its second branch campus in El Cajon. Both branch campuses provide exceptional Welding, HVAC and Electrician classrooms and labs, designed to help students work with real-world equipment in a hands-on environment. In 2020, we opened our new location in San Bernardino, which offers broad range of programs in Allied Health, Trade and Technical and Business fields.

Summit College has been growing for the last two decades, providing students with quality instruction that is flexible and in tune with the latest technologies. It is part of our mission to provide adult learners with entry-level skills and technological knowledge necessary to achieve success in their chosen vocational fields. And that’s what we have been striving to accomplish.

Summit’s classrooms are complete with tools and equipment that are used in each field of study. This ensures that students receive hands-on experience and training that employers are seeking in today’s job market.

Here at Summit College, we believe that education is an investment students make in their vocational future. It’s the path to a rewarding career and better opportunities. We do our best to work with students and assist them to reach their career goals with confidence in the skills they acquire, gained through practical training and applicable knowledge.

Each of our three campuses offers a Learning Academy where students can read, do homework and meet with their groups in order to complete projects. Each Learning Academy is equipped with an assortment of books and computers for research, covering subjects covered in the classroom and necessary to student training.

Programs vary from campus to campus. In order to learn more about program locations, check the student catalog. Programs available include:

Allied Health

Trade and Technical


A college dedicated to providing the best education possible, we give our students the ability to contribute to society in a professional and successful manner.

Prospective students are encouraged to visit our facilities in order to see our laboratories and classrooms, as well as to discuss personal educational goals and career goals.

With all the benefits Summit College has to offer its students, we have grown to be one of the top vocational schools in the Inland Empire, Orange, and San Diego counties. We continue to strive for a better future for our students, today and tomorrow.

San Bernardino/Colton

Aug 31Medical Assisting Start
Sep 8Welding Start
Sep 11Nursing - Day Start
Sep 14Electrical Start
Sep 21HVAC Start
Sep 21Accounting Start
Nov 16Nursing - Evening Start

El Cajon

Aug 31Electrical Start
Aug 31Medical Assisting Start
Sep 8HVAC Start
Sep 21Welding Start

Santa Ana

Sep 9HVAC Start
Sep 14Electrical Start
Sep 21Welding Start