• Our curriculum is comprehensive and hands-on.
  • Our classrooms and labs are modern, complete with many tools and equipment currently used in the field
  • Grads are always available because our programs have varying entry and completion dates.
  • Summit College has grown to be one of the top vocational schools in the Inland Empire and Orange and San Diego counties.

To get a better idea of how our programs work, you are welcome to visit our facilities and learn more about our college environment. This can be a great opportunity to meet instructors and students and have a closer look at the thorough and hands-on education our students are getting. Summit College currently has three California campuses: El Cajon, Santa Ana and San Bernardino Campus. We have graduates from each ready to elevate their careers with your company.

If you are an employer hunting for qualified candidates, Summit College can make your search easier. Our mission is to elevate the careers of our students, and they, in turn, can elevate your business. Whether you’re looking for a nurse or an electrician, Summit graduates are prepared to face the challenges of the real world, and we are sure that they will be a great addition to your company’s team.

You can find more information about how to hire our students and how to showcase your openings by contacting us using the links below.

Hire a Graduate – San Bernardino Campus

Hire a Graduate – Santa Ana Campus

Hire a Graduate – El Cajon Campus


At Summit, we know that each student is unique, just like each business has its own strengths and goals. Our graduates have practical skills and experience. They are motivated to achieve new heights in their careers and industries. And they are ready to learn the unique culture of your company. Find your perfect employee match with one of our trained and goal-oriented students.

Over the last 20 years Summit College has grown, adding campuses, buildings and students. These improvements mean we provide outstanding classrooms and labs that are designed to help students work with real-world equipment and prepare for real challenges.

Summit’s graduates have a fresh perception of the business world and the field they are entering. They are familiar with the latest technologies, and they are eager to show that they are capable of doing a high-quality job. Fresh graduates may also accept changes more easily and bring a new perspective to your company.

Employer Form

San Bernardino/Colton

Jan 25Medical Assistant Start
Feb 1Electrical Start
Feb 8HVAC Start
Feb 22Welding Start

El Cajon

Jan 19Electrical Start
Jan 25Welding Start
Jan 25HVAC Start
Jan 25Medical Assistant Start

Santa Ana

Jan 25Welding Start
Jan 25HVAC Start
Feb 1Electrical Start