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For more information about how to hire our students and how to showcase your openings, please contact us using the links below.

Hire a Graduate – Colton Campus

Hire a Graduate – Santa Ana Campus

Hire a Graduate – El Cajon Campus

If you are an employer in the search for qualified candidates, Summit College can help you and make your search easier. Our graduates are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to thrive in any business setting. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a nurse or an electrician; at Summit College we prepare students to face the challenges of the real world, and we are sure that they will be a great addition to your company’s team.

Summit College’s graduates learn their abilities through comprehensive classwork and hands-on training. Our well-rounded instruction is tailored to prepare them to enter the job market and thrive in their careers. Our college mission is to provide adult learners with entry-level skills and technological knowledge necessary to achieve success in their chosen vocational fields. We do that through a curriculum that gives our students the preparation they need to succeed in their careers.

We understand that it’s critical for companies to hire the best team. That’s the best way to achieve business goals and build a strong company culture. If you are thinking about hiring a graduate, but still have some doubts, consider that this might be the best decision for your company. Students who have recently graduated have a fresh perception of the business world and the field they are entering. They are familiar with the latest technologies, and they are eager to show that they are capable of doing a high-quality job. They may also accept changes more easily and bring a new perspective to your company.

Here at Summit College, our programs have varying entry dates, which can be an advantage for employers. If you are looking for graduates to hire, you may find new graduates at multiple times during the year, and have more chances to find the right candidate for the job.

To get a better idea of how our programs work, you are welcome to visit our facilities and learn more about our college environment. This can be a great opportunity to meet instructors and students, and have a closer look of the powerful education our students are getting. Summit College currently has three California campuses: El Cajon, Santa Ana and Colton Campus.

Over the last 20 years Summit College has grown, adding campuses, buildings and students. Our facilities provide outstanding welding, HVAC and electrical classrooms and labs, designed to help students work with real-world equipment and prepare for real challenges.

At Summit College you will find the most modern classrooms, complete with all the tools and equipment that are currently used in each field of study. This guarantees that students receive the direct, hands-on training that employers are seeking. With all the benefits Summit College has to offer its students, we have grown to be one of the top vocational schools in the Inland Empire and Orange and San Diego counties.