At Summit College, we want to arm you with all the tools that you need to be successful in your job hunt. That’s why we offer these and other services:

  • Resume and cover letter instruction, customization, and tips
  • Interview preparation assistance, including mock interviews, to build your confidence
  • Career counseling
  • Assistance with job market and career research
  • Assistance with identifying job leads
  • Professional attire workshops


Because Summit College has a reputation for educating highly-skilled technical professionals, we have built solid connections with employers in business, technical, and allied health fields. While we can’t guarantee a job placement, we use our networks along with other services to help you connect with potential employers.

Some of our job placement assistance services include:

  • Pre-placement interviews: We will match you with the prospects we believe best fit your unique needs. All potential employers and matches are thoroughly researched by our placement department staff.
  • Post-interview follow-up: We will provide you with valuable feedback on how you did on your interview so that you can improve your interviewing techniques for the future.
  • Placement follow-up: While your new job is the goal, our assistance doesn’t end there. After you have had time to adjust to your new position, we want to follow-up to ensure you are satisfied with the job and your new place of employment.


As you near the end of your Summit College education, our Career Services department supports your search for a fulfilling job. We offer employment assistance for current students and graduates. Our workshops and other services will help you ascend to the highest heights of your chosen field.


At Summit College, we provide the hands-on training you need to elevate your career. We believe that the best way to really learn is by doing, and that is why we offer an externship program. You will be placed in a real-world professional setting to gain the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.

Allied Health & Business for externship purposes – require the completion of an externship before graduation. As part of our externship services, we offer:

Externship placement services: We work to establish externship sites that will help you apply your program’s core curriculum.

Pre-requisite assistance: We will coordinate any externship pre-requisites to help you prepare for your placement, including health screenings, background checks, or drug testing.

Externship supervision: We will oversee your externship placement and partner with you on your journey to training completion.

Your externship will also be a valuable tool for making professional connections, and it may lead to full-time employment upon completion of your program. Your externship is an opportunity for growth, and we know you will make Summit proud as you transition into your new career. Call or stop by our Career Services Center today.

San Bernardino/Colton

Aug 31Medical Assisting Start
Sep 8Welding Start
Sep 11Nursing - Day Start
Sep 14Electrical Start
Sep 21HVAC Start
Sep 21Accounting Start
Nov 16Nursing - Evening Start

El Cajon

Aug 31Electrical Start
Aug 31Medical Assisting Start
Sep 8HVAC Start
Sep 21Welding Start

Santa Ana

Sep 9HVAC Start
Sep 14Electrical Start
Sep 21Welding Start