Benefits of Specialized Training

Most people would agree that getting an education is essential if you want to reach your career goals. But when it comes down to actually getting that education – it’s safe to say, there’s no one size fits all solution. And that’s a good thing. Why? Because there are some careers that play a pivotal role in keeping the wheels on the bus, so to speak, in our daily lives. And while the route to those particular careers is still through education, it’s not always through a traditional four-year university education. It’s often through specialized training offered at vocational or technical schools. Specialized training that offers tangible benefits and teaches non-traditional students’ highly sought-after skills, in fields that include –

Shorter Time Frame for Completion

Not only does the specialized training of a technical school program prepare you for real-world opportunities by teaching practical skills employers are looking for, but it also allows students to complete their education in a much shorter time frame. Specialized, focused training skips the extracurriculars and electives so students get right into learning the skills they will actually use on the job. Translation – you can be working and more importantly, earning, in your chosen field in around a year.

Less Time is Less Money

The cost of a one-year program versus a four-year program is likely to be far less, making it a much more affordable proposition.  Although the overall program has a lower price tag, there are still financial aid options available for those who qualify.

Flexible Schedules

It can be tough to manage your every-day life and still get an education that puts you on the path to a brighter future.  The flexible nature of technical school programs allows for a better work-life balance, with a variety of evening and online classes to choose from.

Long-Term Job Prospects

Let’s face it, specialized training means not everyone can do what you do. And when it comes to essential workers, Welders, HVAC Technicians, Electricians and Medical Assistants – all fit the bill. That means your long-term job prospects are not going to be as easily affected by many things. Why? Because what you do IS essential!

The reality is that the world needs people – with real-world skills. And choosing to pursue specialized training for careers that are always going to be in high demand, is a pretty powerful way – to empower your future. If you’d like to learn more about careers in Welding, HVAC, Electric or Medical Assisting, check out the programs at Summit College. With flexible schedules and instructors ready to share their real-world experience, Summit can help you get the hands-on training and skills you need to get out there and create your own successful future! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our admissions department.