Common Misconceptions About Trade Schools

The world has undergone some pretty big changes over the last decade. One of the biggest changes is in the realm of higher education. And it’s a good thing because the days of your future resting on a traditional four-year university education are over. That’s right. Trade schools have become an increasingly popular choice for students and not for the reasons you might think. To make sure you understand ALL the options for your future, we’re addressing some of the most common misconceptions about trade schools.

Trade School Careers Don’t Pay Well

Wrong! One of the best things about a trade school education is that most of the time, you’re getting trained in a field that is in high demand. Not to mention, having specialized skills that employers are actively looking for makes you far more likely to land a job that pays well. Even better – a lot of trade school graduates start their own businesses with the skills they’ve learned, putting the power to earn in their own hands.

For People Who Can’t Get into a Traditional University

Wrong again. There are many students who choose to attend trade school instead of a four-year university. Why? Because most of the time, you can complete a trade school program and start earning in less than half the time it would take at a traditional university. In addition to that, trade skills can be put to work while continuing education at a four-year institution if a student wants to start building a career early.

It Won’t Look Good on Your Resume

Generally speaking, completing any education program is a positive thing to have on your resume. Plus, employers today are looking for candidates with real-world training and often, specialized skills. So in truth, completing a special training program is the first step to building a professional resume.

A Trade School Degree is Not a Real Degree

I’m sorry, what???? You attended classes, you did the work, you passed the tests, you graduated. Your trade school diploma, certificate, degree – is just as real as any other degree out there. And PS – with a trade school education, you’re starting your career out with far less debt than someone who went the traditional route. The only difference between a “real” degree from a four-year university and yours – the very real amount of money you’ll likely have to pay back.

You’ll Be Stuck with One Career Path

The truth is that no one is ever stuck with one career path unless they choose to be. Your skills may be specialized but you’ll also be learning about the real-life business side of the industry you’re training to be a part of. You’ll also learn how to successfully search for and land the job you want. Those are actual life skills that will help you transition into whatever path you choose!

The reality is that the world doesn’t have a one size fits all anything. It’s all about finding the right career and the path that fits you! If you’re considering where to take the future you, check out the programs at Summit College. With programs in sought-after fields like HVAC, Welding, Electrician, and Healthcare. Summit can put you on your path to a brighter future. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a campus tour.