Aldo Lopez – HVAC Program Graduate

Meet Aldo Lopez: An HVAC Program Graduate. Lopez recently graduated from Summit’s HVAC program in 2019. Through the program, he was able to gain a lot of skills, come across job opportunities with different companies and build his resume.

” I would recommend Summit College to a friend because they offer three different types of programs and it’s a nine-month course. The instructors have a vast amount of knowledge and want to make sure you know the material and what you’re doing.”

Through Summit’s HVAC program you will learn about commercial systems, HVAC system design and electrical systems and components. You will receive hands-on training in techniques such as principles of heat, energy and pressure, HVAC brazing techniques, commercial refrigeration, and more.

Our professional and committed faculty, small classes, hands-on training, and modern facilities create an environment where your hard work can succeed. Your personal journey will be supported by our flexible scheduling options, free tutoring, and career services.

In the HVAC program, you will learn about commercial environmental systems, HVAC system design, and electrical systems and components. You will receive hands-on training in requisite welding skills, including: brazing, cutting, soldering, and working with motors. Upon successful completion of the program, you will understand the operations, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial heating and AC systems, and you will be ready for an entry-level position in the HVAC industry.

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