Alumni Spotlight: Timothy John – Licensed Vocational Nursing

Licensed vocational nursingTimothy John graduated from Summit College in April 2015. He completed the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) program in just one year. “I wanted to do this program because I wanted to do something for the community and work with people. It’s not only about earning money, but about doing some sort of social work. I could contribute my efforts for service.” It is with this big-hearted realization that Timothy made a career change.

Prior to coming to the United States and enrolling at Summit College, Timothy lived in India. There he completed his bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration. After graduating, Timothy was a managing director for an academic school for ten years. He took care of all aspects of running the school, from kindergarten through high school. He chose to move to the United States in 2013 to be with his wife, who was a citizen here. Timothy’s wife and his mom, who are both nurses, influenced him to pursue nursing as well.  The biggest driving force, however, was an internal passion. “I had a desire to do something for people who really need it. At a regular office, you do it entirely for your benefit, but nursing is something you really should have a passion for. To help human beings and to care for them. And it doesn’t matter who it is.” Timothy also insightfully noted the gender stereotype. “Previously this position was for women, but there are a lot of men who are coming forward to do this. That inspired me. I said okay, I will do nursing. And here I am.”

Timothy heard of Summit through one of his friends, noting, “He said it was a reputable school.” This recommendation is what encouraged Timothy to visit the campus, and his experiences there solidified his decision. “When I went to Summit College, it was a warm welcome. I took a test, and they explained everything to me about the program in detail. I went to the financial advisors and completed the forms. Everything went smoothly. I was really impressed.”

The positive impression still lasts to this day. “Summit has been very, very helpful. Everything it taught me helped me in my profession very much, including the skills and knowledge it gave me. I learned about certain medications and reactions, and all kinds of diseases.” Timothy truly believes this in-depth curriculum and the attentive faculty have prepared him for success in the field. “If a patient has this, I know exactly what it is. I was taught properly,” he explained. While Timothy enjoyed the lectures and class interaction, his favorite part was the clinical rotations. “I enjoyed the hands-on skills. We did a clinical rotation in a psychiatric hospital and it was the best experience I’ve had. I could study different kinds of mental health issues and find medication to help patients. It was exciting. All of those things helped me.”

NursingImmediately upon graduation, thanks to the active support and assistance from Summit, Timothy obtained a position as a charge nurse at a five-star rehabilitation facility. “Upon its recommendation, I went to this place because there was an opening. I applied and got the job. Summit has been very helpful in finding a job for its graduates. They don’t just leave you on your own,” he said, adding, “that’s one of the best things about Summit.” Timothy stayed in that position for about a year, before moving on to Reche Canyon Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, where he works as a medical nurse. “I changed jobs because it [Reche Canyon] has more beds. The facility where I worked before was a smaller facility, with about 50 to 150 beds. With a bigger facility, you’re exposed to more skills.” Timothy has significant responsibility in his new role and loves it. He has 14 rooms, which equates to 14 patients whom he takes care of. His responsibilities include administering medication, documenting and charting on the computer, and communicating with the doctor for changes of condition in patients and wound care, to name a few. Another exciting element is that Timothy also gets to instruct his fellow Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs).

Licensed Vocational NurseHowever, the most important thing, according to Timothy, is that “overall, at the end of the day, you find the satisfaction that you did your work properly and it benefited other people. It benefited your residents. And you think about how to take care of them better so they can improve overall. You’re helping lives. You’re doing something.” Timothy has always been an advocate for education, as he truly believes in the value of lifelong learning and continuous self-development. His life now, after Summit College, is even more fulfilling than he could have expected. As he explained, “I find that this particular career is more satisfying than any other job in the world because people are desperate and they are sick. Some of them are really without hope. When you go there, talk to them nicely and do what you can do, you get to the heart of people.” Seeing people get better medically is what Timothy strives for every day. However, the personal aspect of his job is just as fulfilling. “We interact with patients more than anyone else, even with their families, because they visit once in a while. We are the ones who talk to them and are with them in their everyday life.”

Looking forward, Timothy is already continuing to pursue his education. He is registered at his local community college to further his studies as a registered nurse (RN). He is completing his prerequisites now and should finish in about three years. Possibly after becoming an RN, he will continue on for his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) as well. Specifically, Timothy is passionate about becoming a PICC line nurse. It is a specialty and a very hard skill he would like to learn. It is not hard to tell how passionate and motivated Timothy is to be the best nurse he can be and to help as many people as possible.

Although both nursing education and the field itself have their challenges, according to Timothy it is undoubtedly worth it. Words of wisdom he would like to share with other students are to “concentrate and give your best to your studies, and do it with a passion. And think ahead. Think about what’s in the future and your goals. Work on those goals.” Timothy also added one last encouraging thought. “It’s very achievable. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with our studies and assignments every week. But once we graduate, we see a bright future. That hard work accounts for something. Study hard. It will remain with you for the rest of your life.” If there is anything to take away from Timothy’s inspirational contributions and experiences, it should be to never give up, and to persevere. You will touch the hearts and lives of so many people, including your own.