Laurie McDonald-Albert – Clinical Coordinator

Laurie McDonald-Albert is a Clinical Coordinator at Summit College’s Colton Campus.

“Summit College is a great college because of the instructors, the administrators and everybody is concerned about the student. I looked around for a school and I saw from the freeway, Summit College. Everything that you need to simulate working with a patient is here. Summit College is a great college because of the instructors, the administrators, everybody seems to be very concerned about the student. Just as we teach consideration for the patient, the primary purpose at this school is the student. That is the reward of working here at Summit. Elevate your future at Summit College.” – Laurie McDonald, Clinical Coordinator.

Summit College offers both short and long-term programs in a variety of disciplines, including allied health. At Summit College, we know that every student’s climb is different, and we’re here to support your climb, whatever form it might take.

Allied Health Programs at Summit College

Pursuing a career in Allied Health is honorable, and Summit understands that means you have a climb in front of you. To give you the boost you need, Summit offers flexible course schedules, experienced and caring faculty, and hands-on training.


Summit College’s Allied Health programs will support you as you climb toward a career in Allied Health, one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Expected to grow 18% from 2016-2026, healthcare occupations offer you a challenging and fulfilling future. Elevate your career with one of the following Allied Health programs: Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Medical Assistant Administrative & Clinical, Licensed Vocational Nurse.”

You are ready to scale up your career, and Summit believes that journey begins here. Our programs equip you with the skills and abilities employers are looking for, and we are excited to support you as you enter this new phase of life. Before you begin the enrollment process, review our programs and learn about entrance requirements, scheduling options, job prospects, and career opportunities.

At Summit College, the admissions process is straightforward so that you can begin your professional journey now. Follow these easy steps to elevate your career.

At Summit, we know that your hard work is worth it and that your future in Allied Health is just around the corner. That’s why Summit makes it possible for you to complete your chosen program quickly and enter the healthcare field sooner. Your Summit education will prepare you for entry-level jobs, and it will establish your career advancement trajectory. Summit helps you elevate your career from start to finish.