How to Use Social Media to Benefit Your Professional Career

If you thought social media was all about just having fun and being social – think again. Because even though you can definitely do both of those things, with the right approach, social media can also be used to benefit your professional career. And when you consider how popular social media has become, with an estimated 81% of Americans having social media accounts, it’s easy to see why it has become so much more than merely – social. If you haven’t delved into the benefits of leveraging social media for your career, here is a guide on how to use social media to benefit your professional career

Build a professional profile

Designed specifically for networking professionals, platforms like LinkedIn are an excellent place to start building your professional presence on social media. But be careful to properly craft your profile in a way that illustrates your professional achievements and experience versus your everyday social presence. You’ll be able to include your skills, education, awards, and experience on your profile, and many times, recruiters and hiring managers will actually seek you out if they are looking to fill a position your profile fits. And you will also be able to search their platform for job postings.

Use digital tools with social media to highlight your expertise

If you’ve started your own business and have a website, consider adding a blog to your site to showcase what you have to offer. You can post links to your blog and/or website on your social media accounts to drive traffic to your site and build brand awareness. You should also be sharing or posting content regularly to demonstrate your knowledge and allowing people to get to know you on a professional level.

Avoid anti-social media

Like the plague! It can be tempting to comment or share your opinion on political or other controversial topics, but you run the risk of offending someone who may not agree with you – who also has the power to hire you. To demonstrate your professionalism, you should be posting relevant content and steering far away from controversial topics. And even if you’re engaging on a totally “social” platform, use caution. Many corporations look at prospective employees’ social media pages to get a sense of who they are. Do you really want your future or current boss to see those pictures you posted from the cruise to Cabo?

Connect, connect, connect

The more people you know, the more your network grows! So, connect with people on LinkedIn and other platforms that you already know and reach out to folks who are in similar industries. Your network is like a tree that just keeps growing and growing if you water it, and then it bears the fruit of opportunity!

Join relevant groups to your profession

There are tons of groups on social media dedicated to just about every industry. Join the ones that apply to your profession and start a conversation. The digital world and social media make it easier than ever to easily network with a large number of like-minded professionals, which can lead to opportunities!

It’s safe to say that social media can be your best career resource or your undoing, depending on how you approach it. So, think strategically and make the most of the benefits social media can impart to your career.

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