Summit College Brand Guidelines

Our Logo

Summit College logo
Summit College logo
Summit College logo, stacked, black
Summit College logo, stacked, white

Our Colors

Primary Colors


C=11 M=100 Y=100 K=2
R=211 G=32 B=39
PMS 485 C


C=100 M=86 Y=40 K=40
R=17 G=41 B=77
PMS 295 C

Secondary Colors


C=76 M=70 Y=41 K=27
R=70 G=72 B=96
PMS 4131 C


C=72 M=8 Y=43 K=0
R=53 G=175 B=163
PMS 2401 C


C=37 M=16 Y=16 K=0
R=162 G=190 B=200
PMS 5435 C

Our Fonts

H3: Neuzeit Grotesk

H4: Neuzeit Grotesk

This is the primary font and it is used for H3 and H4 tags, as well as all paragraph copy.

Please note, sometimes the header styling is broken in favor of proper H tag hierarchy. Even if an H4 tag looks appropriate as a subtitle under an H2 header, it will need to be an H3 and restyled to look like an H4. If the content of the subtitle is not pertinent to SEO or keywords, consider making it a P tag and restyling it into an H4 instead.

H2: Rooney

This font is used for H1 tags, H2 tags, and buttons.

Fave Condensed One Pro

This font is used for call-outs and accents.