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Licensed Vocational Nursing

If you’re looking for a career to break into the booming healthcare industry, becoming a licensed vocational nurse (LVN Program) could be the right choice for you. LVNs are important members of medical staffs across the country. Their role is very similar to that of a medical assistant, but with more responsibility and eligibility…(Read More)

Why Welding

Why Welding?


Welding is a profession that offers more options for industries to work in and advancement opportunities than just about any other career choice. Welders are in demand in nearly every industry and those who want to advance their career can do so with additional schooling. Read more about Why Welding is an in-demand profession…(Read More)

Why Welding

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of welding? It’s most likely a person with a torch and a mask fusing two pieces of metal together with extreme heat. That’s not an inaccurate depiction of the trade; however, it doesn’t paint a complete picture because welding is…(Read More)