Plumbing Work Tools
Top 10 Reasons to Go to Plumbing School  

Virtually everyone is aware that there’s a shortage of competent tradespeople in the United States — and that those who are still working in their fields are becoming older. In California, in particular, the opportunities for plumbers are enormous, as the industry demands much larger workforce numbers. If you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s […]

Cheerful female medical student in the classroom learning about CNA
What is a CNA?  

A certified nursing assistant, CNA, is a professional that typically works in a hospital setting providing care to patients. These professionals are critical in the services they provide to patients, often helping to ensure each person receives the type and level of care they need. CNAs are a type of entry-level position in the field […]

wwoman in dark blue scrubs
What Does a Medical Assistant (Administrative & Clinical) Do?

If you are interested in a career in the medical field, there are many paths available to you. Working in healthcare needn’t include spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on tuition and a decade in school. You could fulfill your dream to work in the medical field in a matter of months, not years. As […]

Shot of a plumber fixing a pipe
How to Become a Plumber  

Are you thinking about a career as a plumber? Whether you are young and exploring options for your first real job or are already in the job market and considering switching to a better-paying career, training as a plumber can be a very smart move. However, knowing where to begin your journey isn’t always clear. […]

Electrician fixing an hvac
Is HVAC Technician a Good Career?

How would you like to work at a job where a chief priority is ensuring that people feel comfortable in their home, school, place of work, or any other location, for that matter? That’s what you can expect when you pursue a career as an HVAC technician. Read on for details about what you can […]

How to Prepare for the EPA 608 Universal Certification
Top 7 Benefits of Enrolling in Career College/Trade School

For decades now, we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of postsecondary education when it comes to building a long-term career, but traditional four-year college settings just aren’t a good fit for everyone. In fact, more and more students are turning to trade schools and career colleges for the kinds of training they need. The […]