Rochelle - Business Information

Before Summit College

I was working dead end jobs. I realized that was not the way for me and that I needed to get certified in something and get my career started because wasting time working dead end jobs was not getting me anywhere. I heard about Summit through a family friend at a Christmas party and a year later I saw Summit College as I drove by and thought I should check it out. I came in, spoke to the admissions reps. They gave me a tour, and I saw how well the instructors worked with the students one-on-one. I thought, “I have to be here. This is the place for me.”

While at Summit College

I chose the business information program because I’ve always had a love for computers and wanted to learn about them. I also wanted to learn about business because one day I want to open my own business.

After Summit College

At my current job, I enjoy the fast-paced environment, meeting new people and just applying all the things I learned in my business administration program. Meeting new people is the best thing about my job. It’s nice having that confidence because that’s what Summit gave me, the newfound confidence to just go out there and just be happy and enjoy life. If you feel like you want a career and want to just start over, Summit is the place for you. Summit will give you confidence, a career, and a door back to finding a new job when things don’t work out at your current job.