Nicholas - Licensed Vocational Nurse

Before Summit College

I was a high school student. After graduating from high school, I wanted to do something that was fast and easy, so I could be on my way. I chose Summit College because it had a fast-paced LVN program that was easy to get through, Monday through Friday, no summers, straightforward.

While at Summit College

What I liked about Summit College is that my instructors, both theory and clinical, helped incredibly.

After Summit College

I like my current job because I’m able to give back all the teaching and all the knowledge that I obtained at Summit to students who will be the future of the nursing practice. Summit College changed my life by bettering the person that I am. I have more confidence. I’m able to publicly speak and talk to people in general. I want to encourage people to come to Summit College because of the great attitude and atmosphere on campus, and all the knowledge you can gain. It’s amazing what you could get from Summit.