Christina - Licensed Vocational Nurse

Before Summit College

Prior to enrolling at Summit I was doing my pre-requisites for the RN program. I’m still on the waiting list for the program. So I’m glad I did the LVN program so I could do the bridge program and get in a lot faster. I heard about Summit College and saw TV commercials. I saw the building while driving and I walked in. And when I came in here I felt so welcomed. I really felt at home. The person who helped me was very nice and gave me all the answers. She walked me through the process.

While at Summit College

What I loved about Summit College [was] the instructors. They’re always there for you. Anytime I needed extra help they were there. And I also really loved the hands-on experience at the clinical sites. It was awesome. The training at Summit College prepared me, not only with the courses and education within the medical field, but also to communicate better in general, with English and grammar too. It was all incorporated. It really helped me overall.

After Summit College

Choosing the LVN program at Summit College has been the best move for me because it’s given me focus in my life. I have not only a job, I have a career. I know it’s said a lot, but I really feel that way. I learned a lot from Summit. And it’s part of my life. I actually love nursing. I love what I do and every day I use the skills I learned at Summit. I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field. I now want to be a doctor, and I’m on my way, starting out as a nurse. What I would tell a friend if he or she was considering enrolling at Summit is, “Definitely go for it. You learn a lot, you meet a lot of great people from all areas of life, and go for it. No turning back.” I have a career with stability. I can go anywhere, anyplace, anytime and get a job, and I love it!