Christina - Legal Office Asst

Before Summit College

I worked at the casino as a housekeeper and wanted a change because I just needed something else out of my life. I heard about Summit through a coworker and when we came to check out the school we saw that these were the nicest people. Everybody helped me. There was no pressure. My coworker and I both decided to sign up together, and it’s just been awesome.

While at Summit College

I chose the legal program because I love helping people. What I like about Summit are the teachers. They’re all certified in what they teach us. The environment is friendly, but everyone gets what they need to get done.

After Summit College

What I like about my current job is helping people get what they need out of the legal system. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when I help them. The hands-on training at Summit helps me every day and changed my life because it gave me confidence. It gave me the foundation for the knowledge I now have about legal processes, going through the court system, and all the laws and procedures. I would tell a friend if they asked whether to enroll, absolutely! It’s great here. I love it.