Student Services

The Student Services department assists students through their college experience by offering a wide variety or services. Our goal is simple; help our students complete their training program and GRADUATE.

  • Information on Community Resources – Emergency Housing, Utility Assistance, Family Services, Food & Clothing Programs, and Ride-Share Assistance
  • Attendance/Enrollment/Graduation Verifications
  • Student ID’s – New and Replacements
  • Student Records – Transcripts & Certificates of Completion
  • Readmission
  • Graduation Ceremonies – Valedictorian and Salutatorian Recognition
  • Veterans Benefits Information
  • Student Name/Address/Phone/E-mail Changes
  • Schedule Changes
  • Student Recognition – Perfect Attendance and Academic Achievement

The Learning Academy, Library, and Computer Lab

The Learning Academy, Library, and Computer Lab are situated in the heart of the college and is central to the support of student learning. Open 6 days a week to all students and graduates, the Learning Academy is supervised, quiet, and a comfortable area offering state of the art computer systems, free printer services, along with the most current test bank practice questions to assist students with their academic needs.


Summit College offers at no charge to the student, several academic assistance programs to better prepare our graduating LVN students for their State Licensure examination. Graduating students are able to participate in our extended learning program, full time NCLEX tutoring services, and our NCLEX review classes. Students who participate in our NCLEX success programs are eligible to receive assistance towards paying their first time application, registration and licensing fees associated with obtaining their LVN License. Our NCLEX Success department staff is dedicated to ensuring that each and every student receives all the support necessary to reach their ultimate goal “passing the state boards.”

Tutoring Program

Summit College’s Tutoring Program is dedicated to providing the support and assistance students need to be successful in their course work. Free individual and small group tutoring is provided in specific content areas as well as study skills assistance.