Frequently Asked (Career) Questions

Do I need a SAT score?
No. None of our programs require SAT scores or any other college entrance exam.
Do I need to have a high school diploma?
Yes - you need a High School Diploma or GED to enroll at Summit College and to be eligible to apply for Financial Aid at any institution. Furthermore, your High School Diploma must be from an Accredited High School, approved by the US Department of Education. Most online, low cost High School programs (typically a few hundred dollars and require little to no courses/exams) are not eligible.
Do you have financial aid programs?
Yes. We have financial aid programs for many of our career classes.
Do you offer evening classes?
Yes. We offer a variety of evening classes at both campuses.
How do I choose the right career?
Choosing the right career is important for your quality of life and fulfillment. Summit College’s Admission Advisors are here to assist you as you make your career choice. They give you guidance based on your strengths, financial potential, academic expectations, personality and more. Taking a holistic approach to career matching will help you feel more confident that you’ve chosen the right career.
How do I enroll?
You have a few options. 1. Fill out the contact form and one of our Admission Advisors will contact you shortly. 2. Call 1-888-497-3382 to speak directly with an Admission Advisor.
How long will it take to graduate?
This will vary depending on several factors. For instance, do you want to enroll in a full-time or part-time program? Do you prefer day or evening classes? At Summit, you can tailor your program around your schedule. Our Admission Advisors can answer any questions you have about program length and scheduling.
How many career programs are available?
We offer a diverse set of programs in Healthcare, Skilled Trades and Business. These include Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) , Dental Assistant, Electronic Health Records/Coding, Medical Assistant Clinical and Administrative, Welding –both Basic and Advanced programs, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC), Electrician and Payroll, AP/AR and Human Resources. Note- not all programs offered at all campuses.
How much will it cost?
Tuition varies by program. Summit College is authorized to administer federal loans, Title IV grants and private loans to qualified students. The best way for you to find out whether you qualify for financial aid and for which programs is to speak with one of our financial aid advisors. To make an appointment to speak with a financial aid advisor call 1-888-497-3382.
Should I become an LVN or RN?
As you decide between becoming an LVN or RN, consider your immediate financial needs and how long you want to train before working. Our LVN day program can be completed in about a year. RN programs can take up to four years to complete. If your ultimate goal is to be an RN, but you can’t afford to be out of work for as long as it takes to earn the license, there are RN programs that are designed specifically for working LVN’s, so that you could work and earn money while you’re attaining your RN license.
What kind of salary can I expect?
The salary you can expect depends on which career program you choose. You can speak with one of our Admission Advisors to get more insight on which program best suits your skills and interests and what the corresponding salaries are.
Where are your campuses located?
We have campuses in Colton (Main), El Cajon and Santa Ana CA: 411 N Marshall El Cajon, CA 92020 ; 851 S. Cooley Dr West, Colton CA 92324 ; 1639 E Edinger Santa Ana CA 92705
Will you help me find a job?
Yes. Our placement department will assist you with your career development from start to finish. To learn what types of jobs or income you can expect when you graduate contact us today at 1-888-497-3382.