Crash a Class

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Don’t miss this chance to try out a course at NO CHARGE! Put your hands to work in one of our Electrician, HVAC, or Welding Crash a Class events.

  • Hands-on workshop to experience, and work on a real project
  • Safety training
  • For those taking this class to experience the full programs, Program Descriptions, Financial Aid and Career Services information will be available.

Family & Friends are Welcome!

For more information please call us at 888.497.3382

Date Programs Time Campuses
9/17/16 Electrician 9am - 12pm Colton
9/17/16 HVAC, Welding 10am - 1pm Colton, El Cajon, Santa Ana
11/19/16 Electrician 9am - 12pm Colton
11/19/16 Electrician, HVAC 10am - 1pm Colton, El Cajon, Santa Ana
1/28/17 Electrician 9am - 12pm Colton
1/28/17 HVAC, Welding 10am - 1pm Colton, El Cajon, Santa Ana
3/18/17 Electrician 9am - 12pm Colton
3/18/17 HVAC, Welding 10am - 1pm Colton, El Cajon, Santa Ana
5/13/17 Electrician 9am - 12pm Colton
5/13/17 HVAC, Welding 10am - 1pm Colton, El Cajon, Santa Ana

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect at the Crash a Class?

A: You will go through the safety procedures and then work hands-on in a workshop. At the end of the workshop you will have an essential understanding of the class and how you can develop a future in that industry.

How much does it cost?

A: There is no cost and we supply all materials and tools to get you working on a project.

Will I get to use the equipment?

A: Yes the Crash A Class event is a hands-on workshop using all the current equipment in the industry.

How long will the Crash A Class last?

A: Most events are only 3 hours long.

What should I wear?

A: Welders must wear long pants and long sleeve shirts – boots if possible. HVAC and Electrician attendees do not have a specific dresscode.

Can I sign up for classes at the event?

A: Yes, we will have an admissions rep available to go over any enrollment, financial aid, or scheduling questions you might have.