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As the field of dentistry evolves one thing seems certain—a growing need for dental assistants.  For those on the outside, dentistry may seem like one of those traditional professional fields that’s been around forever, will always be around, and not really change all that much. But nothing could be further from the truth…(Read More)

Ron Hugonett is a welding instructor with Summit College’s trade and technical department, which also offers the Electrical and HVAC programs. In addition to teaching courses, Ron assists in writing the syllabi and curricula for this program. He has been teaching at Summit College for about one year and overall ten years in higher…(Read More)

Physical Therapy Aides

Physical therapy is one of a number of medical fields in which employment and demand for employment is increasing. Physical therapists, and those who work under their supervision, are an integral part of a patient’s physical rehabilitation process. Whether it is an illness or a substantial bodily injury that has impaired the body’s…(Read More)


Physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation when one is recovering from an injury or other physical ailment. Physical therapists, and the aides and assistants who work for them, have tremendous power in their ability to help people physically perform the way they did prior to being stricken by their respective afflictions. While many…(Read More)

medical assistant

Linda Hernandez graduated from Summit College’s Medical Assistant program in March 2017. This was a big career change for her, and she originally thought she would transition to more of a medical billing and coding program. After doing further research, however, she came to the realization that one-on-one patient care would definitely…(Read More)

Dental Assistants

Dentists and dental assistants are key contributors to keeping the population healthy. You might have heard from a dentist once or twice that you need to do a better job of brushing or flossing your teeth. You might have disregarded their warnings and carried on with your life as if they had never said anything…(Read More)

Dental Assistant

Oral hygiene is a crucial part of one’s overall health and can be an indicator of other health problems. With this in mind, it is easy to understand just how important dentists and the services that they render to their patients are to the health of the public. However, dentists alone cannot perform all…(Read More)