Summit College provides on-going placement assistance to all qualified graduates. We strive to help students get interviews and locate possible job openings for their program of study.

Our placement assistance is comprehensive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Resume preparation, customization and updates
  • Workshops on professional attire
  • Interviewing techniques and “mock” interviews that will help you enter each interview well prepared and confident
  • Pre-placement interviews and pre-interview reviews to match you up with the most fitting employment prospects, all researched by our placement department
  • Post interview follow-up to give you feedback on how well you performed on your interview and to assist you in improving your interviewing techniques
  • Establishing sites for externship that is part of the course curriculum, proven to increase chances of hiring
  • Set up and assessment of voluntary externships outside of your course curriculum, proven to increase your chances of hiring
  • Follow-up after placement to ensure that you are satisfied with your new position and place of employment

We ask all students to provide accurate and up-to-date contact numbers and addresses so that we can maintain continued assistance. We encourage all students to provide a resume before completing their program of study.