Mission Statement

The Mission of Summit College is to provide adult learners with entry-level skills and technological knowledge necessary to achieve success in their chosen vocational field. The College is committed to offering quality education that meets the needs of its students and assisting them in pursuing their educational goals.  


  • To instill, through knowledge, the ability to contribute to society in a professional and successful manner.
  • To provide a caring, nurturing learning environment that promotes academic excellence.
  • To employ qualified and dedicated faculty members who possess both educational and related experience in the fields they teach. To encourage their continued professional development, and support of the college’s mission, purpose and objectives.
  • To support our students in their studies by means of tutorial services, academic advisement, and employment assistance.
  • To provide our students with a facility that offers technologies and equipment relevant to the field of study.
  • To remain committed to a culture of academic freedom and collegial engagement.
  • To provide programs that meet the needs of the community while consistently reviewing the curriculum ensuring that the applicable skills and knowledge acquired result in entry-level employment.